Airheads Oxygen Concentrator System (AOCS)


The Airheads Oxygen Concentrator System (AOCS) is the finest and quietest (<45 dBA) oxygen concentrator machine ever assembled. The AOCS takes the ambient room air and turns it into O2 by filtering it through a molecular filter, compressing the oxygen, and cycling out the nitrogen. It provides an amber light on the front panel that illuminates if the unit’s oxygen purity is below 85%. If this condition continues for more than 15 minutes, an audible alarm sounds. The AOCS-5 oxygen concentrator produces 95% pure oxygen at 5 LPM (liters per minute) and the AOCS-10 produces 95% pure oxygen at 10 LPM.

These units are unique because the flow of oxygen from each can almost be doubled by turning the “flow knob” counter-clockwise. By doing so, the oxygen concentration is compromised slightly, i.e. The AOCS-5 will produce about 84% pure oxygen at about 9 LPM and the AOCS-10 will produce the same 84% at about 18 LPM. Simply put, this means the AOCS’s are capable of servicing more people simultaneously than any other oxygen concentrator being sold today!

With a low power consumption of only 350 watts, it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. It’s rugged easy to clean cabinet has a handle on the top and caster wheels on it’s base for easy moving. Airheads provides a limited warranty on the AOCS for 3 years as long as it is maintained properly.

Both of our oxygen concentrators are almost maintenance free! Removing and washing the sponge filter with soap and water every month and avoiding dirty and humid environments are the only necessary maintenance for any of the AOCS units. The AOCS-10 has a maximum dimension of 18″ length x 13″ depth x 27″ height. The  AOCS-5 has a maximum dimension of 15″ length x 9.5″ depth x 23″ height.

The Airheads AOCS oxygen concentrators are the most compact, lightest, and quietest O2 concentrator on the market today. They have been workhorses in the field as well. Since we started selling them in 2005 or so, less than 1% have been returned to us for warranty repair, and less than 3% of them have been returned for servicing in the past 10 years!

5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator

The AOCS-5


10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator

The AOCS-10

Read the Airheads 3 Year Warranty
All Airheads equipment has a warranty for workmanship and normal use for 3 years.
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