Business opportunity? You bet! There are many establishments where our oxygen bars can be located. Typical locations for such are listed below in the section “Who Would Use O2 Bars?” You could pick up any Sunday paper and turn to the entertainment section for a schedule of special events in your area. There are tons of events taking place in even the smallest of towns. Visitors to wedding and Bar Mitzvah showcases, sporting events, parties, grand openings, political gatherings, and marathons would pay to use your oxygen and aromatherapy bar.

Anywhere there is a gathering of people, you will have a great source for potential oxygen bar patrons.

Oxygen Bar ownership puts you on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry. Most establishments want the oxygen bar to be brought into their location. It costs them nothing to bring it in, it looks great, and their patrons love it. The majority of establishment owners are content just to have “the edge” that the oxygen bar provides to their business and will allow you to keep all the cash the oxygen bar produces. Most locations have patrons pay $10.00 for a five to ten minute session at the oxygen bar. People are similar to cattle and they will follow the rest of the herd to “breathe.” This bar is your cash cow and a real “People Magnet!” We have had many locations produce as many as 100 paid sessions per day because of it’s “WOW FACTOR.” As in any service business, customers will tip so we suggest that tip jars be placed in between the Aromarizer units. It’s not unusual to see daily tip totals of well over $100! Click Here for “The Money Page” and work the numbers for your OWN business plan.

wheelbarrelmoneyAirheads Inc. manufactures a durable and portable oxygen bar and it is very feasible to have our bars making money for you in different locations on different days. Keep in mind you will need to leave about a half an hour to set up the bar and about a half an hour to break it down and pack it up. This is a cakewalk for even the mechanically challenged.

As is true in any legitimate business, you must protect yourself from liability. If the oxygen bar is your only business endeavor, it is suggested that you contact a legitimate insurance agent to secure a minimal liability policy which should cost around $1,500 to $2,000 for the year. If you are quoted a number that is “out of this world”, you should then come to the realization that your agent has no idea what an oxygen bar or oxygen bar insurance is. If you presently own a business and want to add oxygen bar equipment as a peripheral and secondary means of income, you have the option of calling your present insurance agent, or you can get a quote from our insurance professional Patty at 714.630.3362.

When choosing an oxygen bar company, you must take into account that there are other Oxygen Bar companies who claim to have a letter of compliance from the FDA. There is no letter of compliance issued by the FDA and Airheads will offer anyone $100,000 who can produce this FDA letter of compliance in regard to oxygen bars! As long as you use our AOCS’s (O2 concentrators), do not make any medical claims, or use compressed oxygen in a tank, you will not be governed or bothered by the FDA.

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