The Aromarizers (Oxygen Infusers)


Oxygen is a gas, and when inhaled through your nose it will dry out your nasal passages. The Aromarizer serves two purposes, both of which will make for a more pleasant “oxygen experience.” They humidify the oxygen, and “flavor” the oxygen before it reaches your nose.

Oxygen flows from the oxygen concentrator directly to the Aromarizer. Each of the Aromarizer bottles will have 8 to 12 drops of our all-natural and therapeutic aromas placed into 2 inches of potable water. (If you can drink the water, it is potable!) The oxygen flows through each bottle’s water and aroma mixture. The flow of oxygen to each individual bottle is controlled by the blue “control valves” on the rear of the Aromarizer unit.

Model A-6 (Aromarizer-6)

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Each blue valve corresponds to an individual bottle which enables you to control the flow of oxygen to the aroma bottle that you choose. The “flavored oxygen” then flows out of the bottle where the end user breathes the oxygen and aroma of their choice through the nasal cannula (AKA nose hose) tubing connection. Usually this tubing connection is about 2 feet long, but it can be extended up to 75 feet away from the Aromarizer without any loss of service quality.

There is no need for artificial food coloring, artificially colored food grade aroma liquids, or powdered aromas that other manufacturers claim that you have to use because they are “oxygen safe” in an Airheads Aromarizer. They say this because they cannot use essential oil based aromas in their systems due to their use of cheap and clear plastic bottles that will interact with those oils. We do not recommend the use of powdered aromas in any aromatherapy situation – including an oxygen bar. Using a processed, powdered aroma is like using seasoning from a supermarket jar as opposed to fresh organic herbs. Airheads uses and sells all-natural, therapeutic grade essential oils which is exactly what you will find in use in alternative medicine, holistic and wellness practitioners.

The Newly Designed Aromarizer-6 (A-6)


Our compact, light-weight, and sexy Aromarizer-6 units can sit on any table-top, bar-top, or counter-top of at least 26 inches long and 6 inches wide. They stand 12 inches tall and depending on which oxygen concentrator you choose, it can service up to 6 individuals at one time! This is a unique feature of Airhead’s equipment – no other manufacturer can service up to 6 people simultaneously from just ONE oxygen bar infuser!

The base of each Aromarizer-6 unit has an LED light that will illuminate the front of the unit. Each unit comes with a translucent blue “Airheads Oxygen Bars” logoed faceplate, as well as a translucent blank-white faceplate that can be branded with your logo. Additional faceplates are available that can be custom branded for your client, event or special occasion.

At the same time the front of the Aromarizer is being illuminated, the same light is passed through colored filters under each of the frosted bottles making each of the bottles glow a different color of the rainbow. This gives our Aromarizer “THE WOW FACTOR” to attract people like moths to a flame. That is why Airhead’s Aromarizers are widely known as the “People Magnet.”

In addition to the above-mentioned, and being the most cost effective and sexiest unit available today (try pricing a six person oxygen bar with our competitors and see for yourself), the Aromarizer has the following features:

  • Constructed of tough and wear resistant ABS plastic – durable and resists scratches and damage.
  • Simple assembly and breakdown takes less than 15 minutes.
  • Weighs less than 10 lbs. WITH water in the bottles!
  • Easy to clean and keeps clean.
  • Can be used in any country with our electrical power adaptor (included)
  • Inexpensive replacement bottles and parts kit costs only $95 USD
  • Our 3 Year Warranty

Click here for Aromarizer-6 Assembly Instructions

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Aromarizer-6 Infuser

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Read the Airheads 3 Year Warranty
All Airheads equipment has a warranty for workmanship and normal use for 3 years.

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