Oxygen Bars By Airheads

There are many companies that claim to be an oxygen bar manufacturer these days, but there is only one oxygen bar equipment supplier who leads the industry in reliability and service. Airheads Inc. has been designing and manufacturing oxygen bar systems since 1998. While others try to imitate our O2 bars, Airheads innovates! Ask any of our clients who have rented, leased, or owned our sexy, durable, and portable oxygen bars and they will all tell you that our oxygen bar packages “blow the competition’s away!”

Beautifully designed, our commercial oxygen bars can be extremely profitable to own. Using a home oxygen bar on a regular basis could help fight off fatigue, energize, and give you better health and wellness of your mind, body and soul. The Zen-Station is a full health and wellness system that offers oxygen therapy, aroma therapy, color therapy, and audio therapy all in one light-weight and portable oxygen bar unit! The combination of these four therapies can help you meditate, relieve stress, relax and so much more!

Airheads oxygen bars are being purchased by tanning salons, hair salons and nail salons, as well as spas, health clubs, and resorts on 5 continents! Nightclubs, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, airports, ski chalets, smoke shops, vape shops, and tattoo parlors are now providing oxygen bars for recreation and entertainment.

Our personal oxygen bar equipment is the perfect price and the perfect size to have in these type of small businesses. Offices of holistic practitioners such as yoga studios, medical spas, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists are great venues to have o2 bars making additional cash income. Owners of these businesses understand how adding an oxygen bar to their existing business, and charging on an average of $10 for a 15 minute session can benefit their clients in treatment rooms, waiting rooms, and most of all in the business owner’s bank account! People who are health conscience purchase our personal oxygen bar systems for their own use, using them in their home and at their work place as well.

Oxygen bars are the conversation piece of every corporate and social event that we service. Existing service business owners such as caterers and event planners are purchasing our oxygen bar equipment to generate additional income streams and offer their clientele something different. They know that since Airheads is an oxygen bar manufacturer, they are purchasing wholesale oxygen bars and they are not going to get a better deal on oxygen bar equipment anywhere!

Now is the time to get started with THE “cutting edge” product and latest rage of this new millennium. Airheads O2 Bar owners all agree, “It’s a great business opportunity!”

Read our testimonials and feel free to check our ratings. Airheads is A+ rated by all of its customers. Check our competitors O2 equipment as well. Who would YOU rather do business with? We are sure you’ll come to the obvious conclusion – Airheads is #1 in oxygen bar equipment sales and oxygen bar equipment rentals!

Introducing Zen-Station – The Complete Personal Relaxation System!

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