xygen is so basic for our every day life, that it is taken for granted. The medical community is beginning to rediscover how important oxygen is to our bodily functions.

Sleeping Disorders can be a severe and debilitating which can affect anyone. It can be a brought on by many outside influences including stress and or physical illness. Doctors are now more reluctant to prescribe pills and they are more often than not trying to treat the source of the problem rather than treating just the symptoms.

Patients describe their fatigue as oppressive – a prolonged, pervasive weariness that seems to penetrate every cell. Patients with poor sleep patterns usually suffer from an entire constellation of symptoms, including severe fatigue, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, recurrent flu-like illness, low-grade fever, severe muscle aches and neurological problems.

Many sleepless patients who seek help with sleep apnea have turned to breathing oxygen, as a daily regime, to relieve the stress and everyday toxins that have been building up in their bodies during the course of the day.

Scientists have long known that oxygen is literally the breath of like, but only recently have studies begun to reveal how profoundly oxygen metabolism influences health and illness. Oxygen, indeed, may be a key to helping overcome your restless nights.