irheads brought a “Breath of Fresh Air” to my bedroom by combining the therapeutic effects of pure oxygen with the ancient art of aromatherapy. Together these two elements helped get me relaxed and “in the mood.” My husband thanks you!

Pernilla Grapne, Pittsburgh, PA

“Sex has never been better and I feel 18 again!”

Richard M. Down, Yorktown Heights, NY

“…He tried this in Vegas and it made him feel like an 18 year old again! He had to have one in our home. We always use it for our swinger parties and it’s been a hit! Everyone loves it…

Nina H., San Antonio, TX

“This smells great, but will it give me larger boobs?”

Daisy from “Deco Drive”, WSVN channel 7 Miami, FL


Lisa Leeds, Surprise, AZ

“…I’m on it before I’m on her. I get more stamina, I last longer, and I cum harder.”

Frank D’angelo, New York City

“I wanted to go all night! Yippee for me!”

Michelle G., Atlanta GA

“Finally I have found the fountain of youth – goodbye menopause!”

Shaina Goldberg, Skokie, IL

“No more, ‘Not tonight, I have a headache’ from my wife! Now she looks forward to

Howard Stone, Milford, CT

“Dog, your **** is da bomb! I be bustin’ all night!”

Cleon Sikes, Stocton, CA

“Four words made famous by 3 Dog Night: ‘Easy to be hard!!!’

Ted Falcone, Philadelphia, PA